Finnish Approach


What makes the Finnish approach different?

Early childhood is a phase of intense development and learning. The mission of EduCluster ECEC is to promote children’s holistic growth, development and learning in collaboration with their guardians. Understanding the importance and pedagogical possibilities of play for the child in the promotion of wellbeing and learning is essential..

Idea :

FIS aims to excel to K12 School that offers curriculum that is blend of Indian Board as well as international board. Keeping in mind Indian Culture but also giving them the exposure of Internationalism. It is crucial that they maintain the core values and rich culture

Students to share the generosity and humbleness that is a part of the Indian heart.

A blend of ICSE, CBSE and IGCSE Boards. Keeping

Indian Mythology and Indian History to be part of curriculum

The students will be the primary stakeholders in the process. They will have the liberty to choose and pace their learning. They will be involved in designing their own learning activities and go through self-assessments.

Teachers will be entrusted with autonomy and Independence in their classrooms and develop their own local curricula


Concept :

To create learner centric classrooms where skills will be honest and aptitudes will be enhanced. Link with outside world through workshops and internship programmes will be established.

Preparing learners for the unknown challenges and competition in the next two decades is paramount. Collaboration, compassion, creativity and curiosity will encompass the classroom transactions. Futuristic project work, which is self, designed to solve problems to be encouraged.

Clear communication capacity building to be focused. To remain rooted to the local history and values by embedding these in the syllabus. Appreciation of global needs and ways to be encouraged.