Board Members


Sudhir Goenka


Goenka Global Education

Sudhir Goenka believes that a good school not only prepares a child for formal schooling but also shapes up a winning attitude that is indispensable for success in all aspects of life. He understands that the fundamental purpose of education is to encourage the children to bring about positive modification in their behaviour as they ascend the ladder of learning and knowledge. It is his effort to incorporate students from varied social backgrounds, bringing them together in education and strongly encourage our parents to become active in the school community and help us grow our children into valuable and contributing members of our society.


Shashank Goenka

Managing Director

Goenka Global Education

Shashank Goenka Managing Director – Goenka Global Education, a Bachelor’s in Science with a specialization in Industrial Management from Purdue University – USA.
Hailing from a business background and equipped with an entrepreneurial spirit, he chose to lend his business acumen to something noble.
Having experienced the education curriculum in India as a student, and closely observing the system thereafter, he saw the gaps that needed to be bridged for education to be more holistic in India.
Moreover, his exposure to the global landscape urged him to take a step to set up an institution which emphasizes on the students’ ability to learn, holistically imbibe knowledge and apply the same in every walk of life. His vision has been to enable students to push the boundaries of possibility so that with their learning they can fulfil their intellectual and social potential in the future. With this focus, the Goenka Global Education has been set up and prides itself in a progressive educational approach to learning and teaching.